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Subzone/variant names and codes



Zone BEC Unit Subzone name Variant
Alpine Tundra
ATun Undifferentiated
Bunch Grass
BG xh 1 Very Dry Hot Okanagan
BG xh 2 Very Dry Hot Thompson
BG xh 3 Very Dry Hot Fraser
BG xw 1 Very Dry Warm Nicola
BG xw 2 Very Dry Warm Alkali
Boreal Black and White Spruce
BWBS dk 1 Dry Cool Stikine
BWBS dk 2 Dry Cool Liard
BWBS mw 1 Moist Warm Peace
BWBS mw 2 Moist Warm Fort Nelson
BWBS vk Very Wet Cool
BWBS wk 1 Wet Cool Murray
BWBS wk 2 Wet Cool Graham
BWBS wk 3 Wet Cool Kledo
Coastal Douglas-fir
CDF mm Moist Maritime
Coastal Western Hemlock
CWH dm Dry Maritime
CWH ds 1 Dry Submaritime Southern
CWH ds 2 Dry Submaritime Central
CWH mm1 Moist Maritime Submontane
CWH mm2 Moist Maritime Montane
CWH ms 1 Moist Submaritime Southern
CWH ms 2 Moist Submaritime Central
CWH vh 1 Very Wet Hypermaritime Southern
CWH vh 2 Very Wet Hypermaritime Central
CWH vm Very Wet Maritime
CWH vm 1 Very Wet Maritime Submontane
CWH vm 2 Very Wet Maritime Montane
CWH vm 3 Very Wet Maritime Central
CWH wh 1 Wet Hypermaritime Submontane
CWH wh 2 Wet Hypermaritime Montane
CWH wm Wet Maritime
CWH ws 1 Wet Submaritime Submontane
CWH ws 2 Wet Submaritime Montane
CWH xm1 Very Dry Maritime Eastern
CWH xm2 Very Dry Maritime Western
Engelmann Spruce – Subapline Fir
ESSF dc 1 Dry Cold Okanagan
ESSF dc 2 Dry Cold Thompson
ESSF dk Dry Cool
ESSF dkp Dry Cool Parkland
ESSF dv Dry Very Cold
ESSF mc Moist Cold
ESSF mk Moist Cool
ESSF mm Moist Mild Raush
ESSF mv 1 Moist Very Cold Nechako
ESSF mv 2 Moist Very Cold Bullmoose
ESSF mv 3 Moist Very Cold Omineca
ESSF mv 4 Moist Very Cold Graham
ESSF mw Moist Warm
ESSF vc Very Wet Cold
ESSF vcp Very Wet Cold Parkland
ESSF wc 1 Wet Cold Columbia
ESSF wc 2 Wet Cold Northern Monashee
ESSF wc 3 Wet Cold Cariboo
ESSF wc 4 Wet Cold Selkirk
ESSF wcp Wet Cold Parkland
ESSF wk 1 Wet Cool Cariboo
ESSF wk 2 Wet Cool Misinchinka
ESSF wm Wet Mild
ESSF wmp Wet Mild Parkland
ESSF wv Wet Very Cold
ESSF xc Very Dry Cold
ESSF xv 1 Very Dry Very Cold West Chilcotin
ESSF xv 2 Very Dry Very Cold Big Creek
Interior Cedar – Hemlock
ICH dk Dry Cool
ICH dw Dry Warm West Kootenay
ICH mc 1 Moist Cold Nass
ICH mc 2 Moist Cold Hazelton
ICH mk 1 Moist Cool Kootenay
ICH mk 2 Moist Cool Thompson
ICH mk 3 Moist Cool Horsefly
ICH mm Moist Mild
ICH mw 1 Moist Warm Golden
ICH mw 2 Moist Warm Columbia-Shuswap
ICH mw 3 Moist Warm Thompson
ICH vc Very Wet Cold
ICH vk 1 Very Wet Cool Mica
ICH vk 2 Very Wet Cool Slim
ICH wc Wet Cold
ICH wk 1 Wet Cool Wells Gray
ICH wk 2 Wet Cool Quesnel
ICH wk 3 Wet Cool Goat
ICH wk 4 Wet Cool Cariboo
ICH xw Very Dry Warm
Interior Douglas-fir
IDF dk 1 Dry Cool Thompson
IDF dk 2 Dry Cool Cascade
IDF dk 3 Dry Cool Fraser
IDF dk 4 Dry Cool Chilcotin
IDF dm 1 Dry Mild Kettle
IDF dm 2 Dry Mild Kootenay
IDF dw Dry Warm
IDF mw 1 Moist Warm Okanagan
IDF mw 2 Moist Warm Thompson
IDF ww Wet Warm
IDF xh 1 Very Dry Hot Okanagan
IDF xh 2 Very Dry Hot Thompson
IDF xm Very Dry Mild
IDF xw Very Dry Warm
Mountain Hemlock
MH mm 1 Moist Maritime Windward
MH mm 2 Moist Maritime Leeward
MH wh Wet Hypermaritime Windward
Montane Spruce
MS dc 1 Dry Cold Bridge
MS dc 2 Dry Cold Tatlayoko
MS dk Dry Cool
MS dm 1 Dry Mild Okanagan
MS dm 2 Dry Mild Thompson
MS dv Dry Very Cold
MS xk Very Dry Cool
MS xv Very Dry Very Cold
Ponderosa Pine
PP dh 1 Dry Hot Kettle
PP dh 2 Dry Hot Kootenay
PP xh 1 Very Dry Hot Okanagan
PP xh 2 Very Dry Hot Thompson
Sub-boreal Pine – Spruce
SBPS dc Dry Cold
SBPS mc Moist Cold
SBPS mk Moist Cool
SBPS xc Very Dry Cold
Sub-Boreal – Spruce
SBS dh 1 DryHot McLennan
SBS dh 2 Dry Hot Robson
SBS dk Dry Cool
SBS dw 1 Dry Warm Horsefly
SBS dw 2 Dry Warm Blackwater
SBS dw 3 Dry Warm Stuart
SBS mc 1 Moist Cold Moffat
SBS mc 2 Moist Cold Babine
SBS mc 3 Moist Cold Kluskus
SBS mh Moist Hot
SBS mk 1 Moist Cool Mossvale
SBS mk 2 Moist Cool Williston
SBS mm Moist Mild
SBS mw Moist Warm
SBS un Undifferentiated
SBS vk Very Wet Cool
SBS wk 1 Wet Cool Willow
SBS wk 2 Wet Cool Finlay-Peace
SBS wk 3 Wet Cool Takla
Spruce – Willow – Birch
SWB dk DryCool
SWB mk Moist Cool
SWB un Undifferentiated
SWB vk Very Wet Cool

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