Here we have posted summaries of all the CFCG research projects, both completed and ongoing.  They are organized by research topic and can be viewed using the project menus for the topic areas of: Climate Data, Adaptation to Climate, Hybrid Zones and Adaptation, Species Projects, and Strategies for Gene Conservation.  Some of these projects are part of AdapTree (2011 to 2014) and CoAdapTree (2016 to present – a Large Scale Applied Project funded by Genome Canada, Genome BC, Genome Quebec, Genome Alberta, BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources, the Forest Genetics Council of BC, and many more sponsors ).


1. CoAdapTree: Healthy trees for future climates

2. Whitebark disease resistance for conservation

  • Phenotyping of seedlings to determine family effects for white pine blister rust resistance
  • Determine geographic and climate variables that may influence rust resistance
  • Assess effectiveness of natural rust inoculation compared to controlled inoculation (CFCG project summary)

3. AdapTree: Assessing the adaptive portfolio of restoration stocks for future climates

4. Climate BC & Climate WNA