Sitka spruce
Picea sitchensis (Bong.) Carr.

Distribution and Protected Areas – from Hamann 2005

Conservation Status Summary – from Krakowski et. al. 2009

“Sitka spruce is adequately conserved throughout its native range and in ex situ collections. Sitka–hybrid white spruce appears adequately protected. Additional collections should be made for higher-elevation and peripheral populations of Sitka and Sitka–hybrid white spruce. Field confirmation of Sitka–hybrid white spruce in situ populations should also be undertaken to resolve the considerable differences in status between the shortfall in conservation indicated by the botanical inventory and the adequacy of conservation indicated from the forest cover analysis. There is adequate representation of both Sitka and Sitka–hybrid white spruce in protected areas, but inter situ trials have not been established for the Submaritime and Nass–Skeena spus.”



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Krakowski J, C. Chourmouzis, A.D. Yanchuk, D. Kolotelo, A. Hamann, and S.N. Aitken. 2009. Forest Tree Genetic Conservation Status Report 2: genetic conservation status of operational tree species. Centre for Forest Conservation Genetics, Forest Genetics Council of British Columbia, and B.C. Min. For. Range, For. Sci. Prog. Victoria, B.C. Tech. Rep. 054.