Lodgepole pine
Pinus contorta Dougl.

Distribution and Protected Areas – from Hamann et.al. 2005

 Conservation Status Summary – from Krakowski et. al. 2009

“Lodgepole pine populations are represented in adequate numbers in most SPUs throughout its core British Columbia range except the Nass–Skeena high, which would benefit over the long term from a new protected area for this population. Populations inventoried in protected areas for this analysis may have since been killed by the current mountain pine beetle outbreak or fires. However, the durable canopy seed bank is likely a sufficient long-term repository for the alleles of these parent populations. Inter situ trials of lodgepole pine contain Ne of ~600 to 1750 at the low-elevation SPUs throughout its range. These sites were prioritized based on beetle attack as a main consideration. Ex situ collections contain important collections of germplasm for populations that are now extirpated due to mountain pine beetle-caused mortality across the landscape.”



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