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Grand fir
Abies grandis
(Dougl. ex D. Don) Lindl

Distribution and Protected Areas – from Hamann 2005

Conservation Status Summary – from Chourmouzis

“Grand fir occurs at the northern extent of its range in British Columbia, and has a narrow, disjunct distribution in the province. It is most abundant and adequately protected on the coast (CWH and CDF zones) but lacks protection in the smaller interior portion of its provincial range. In the interior, it is under-protected in both the ICH and IDF zones but is identified as a species of concern only in the ICH zone. Its effective population size in the IDF is the smallest of all zones, and the species is predicted to decline in abundance and become maladapted with climate warming. Population verification is recommended for this species in the ICH zone.”



Hamann, A., Smets, P., Aitken, S. N. and Yanchuk, A. D. 2005. An ecogeographic framework for in situ conservation of forest trees in British Columbia. Can. J. For. Res. 35:2553-2561. View online resources for this report.

C. Chourmouzis, A.D. Yanchuk, A. Hamann, P. Smets, and S.N. Aitken. 2009. Forest Tree Genetic Conservation Status Report 1: In situ conservation status of all indigenous BC species. Centre for Forest Conservation Genetics, Forest Genetics Council of BC, and BC Ministry of Forests and Range, Forest Science Program, Victoria, BC Technical Report 053.

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