Online resources – Chourmouzis et al. 2009

The information on this page is supplementary material for the publication:

C. Chourmouzis, A.D. Yanchuk, A. Hamann, P. Smets, and S.N. Aitken. 2009.
Forest Tree Genetic Conservation Status Report 1: In situ conservation status of all indigenous BC species. Centre for Forest Conservation Genetics, Forest Genetics Council of BC, and BC Ministry of Forests and Range, Forest Science Program, Victoria, BC Technical Report 053.


1. Subzone/variant climate data derived using Climate BC

Climate data

2. Subzone/variant climate analysis

Climate analysis

3. Subzone and variant names and codes

BEC codes

4. Subzone/variant and Protected Area maps for each BEC zone

Zone index

5. Species range maps including in situ conservation statistics

Species index

6. Species distribution pie charts by zone and subzone

Zone index

7. Protected Area and land use statistics for subzone/variant groupings by BEC zone.

Zone index

8. Protected Area rankings by BEC zone.

Zone index